Project Description

Web Design

“Working with Heather has been a breeze and a real pleasure. She always over-delivers and has never missed a deadline in over 4 years. She is an exceptional designer and we’re lucky to be able to work with her”

Website design techniques change incredibly frequently. New technologies allow designers to push the previous boundaries into uncharted territory. This is great for good designers and their clients.

If you work with me, you can be certain that you will get the most commercially relevant and practical design for your new website. When designing websites, I focus on two main areas. Firstly, mobile. The majority of visitors to your website will be on some kind of mobile device. It is, therefore, essential that your website allows those visitors to do whatever it is that you want them to do.

The second consideration is conversion. Getting the visitor to do your desired goal. That might be buying a product, filling out a quote form, or even simply sending a message. Whatever your goals are, my design will be centred around achieving that goal, using modern design principles and psychology.

Send me a message and we can discuss your requirements and get your project started 🙂

P.S. I am also a WordPress developer, so I can often handle the development too. If not, I can certainly make some recommendations.